Traian Jurchelea – Muzica populara din Banat

Traian Jurchela – Bate vant peste Banat.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Dragostea nu-i fie cum.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Flori din Caras, de la munte.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Hora de la Oravita.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Insura-ma-s insura.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Mandra mea, draga mea.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Mi-s cioban si stau la munte.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Omu bun si pomu copt.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Omu-n lume-si stie neamul.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Peste deal, peste campie.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Tot m-as duce dar nam unde.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Trecu mandra pe langa mine.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Umbla doru-n lumea mare.mp3
Traian Jurchela – Vezi, mandro, cum trece tineretea.mp3
Traian Jurchelea – Batranit-Am, Nu Stiu Cand.mp3
Traian Jurchelea – La fantana parasita.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Mandrulita, fata balaioara.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Marie, poale ciurate.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Omu-n lume cana se naste.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Saraca lume de piatra.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Tinerel ma insurai.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Tinerete, stai in loc.mp3
TRAIAN JURCHELEA – Trecu-i valea si-un orgas.mp3

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